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open data

All data on this website is published via open data endpoints under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license (

Information directed at developers on using these data endpoints can be found here:

Data viewers which can be integrated into an existing website can be found here:

See a list of the used abbreviations:

The modelled data is also available at a higher resolution, e.g.:

and as different temporal aggregation, e.g. annual means:

So for instance, if you want to integrate a viewer of the lastest particulate matter smaller than 10 micrometres (μm) into your website, you could do this with an iframe with the following HTML-code:

<iframe height="600" width="100%" src=""></iframe>

If you want to download the same data as a CSV file:

Or filter on a specific timestamp (adjust to a timestamp to an hour within the last 48 hours):'2017-05-24T09:00:00'&outputFormat=csv